March 31, 2022 2 min read


"Simplicity governs our design process," states Joe Sillett, CEO of The Funky Appliance Company. The unmistakable curves of the Funky collections is the brand's signature look. The ERT Award-winning Funky Toaster, for example, is a unique product with toaster slots running over a curve from left to right - a bold move away from standard and box-shaped toasters.

The Funky Appliance Company has a range of six colours for its toasters and kettles: Chrome, Cream, Rose Gold Pink, Black, White and Grey, which will continue to be the core range for 2022 also.

Mr Sillett adds, "There are some fabulous brands in this category, but we feel to this day that a lot of product ranges are very similar in design - off the shelf and simply with their logo and colour choice applied. We feel that this doesn't sit with our need to have a defined and unique look."

With sustainability an ever-important subject, the brand adopted a clear policy early on that product packaging should be just as good as the product itself. It's all recycled cardboard, paper and plastic to make a clear commitment to end-of-life recycling, whereby the products and their materials go back into the supply chain through recycling.

"Customers want to make their kitchens more beautiful and fill them with products which they are happy to look at and happy to use," continues Mr Sillett. "We have big plans over the next 12 months to launch a new Funky Housewares range as part of our exclusive agreement with RKW, which will also include a new Cookware range in Q1 2023. Alongside this, we are putting a Funky Air Fryer into full development and we hope to add our Funky Microwave too!"

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