January 04, 2021 3 min read


Ironing can be a bit of a chore, but there are ways of making it more fun: you can turn the music up or maybe watch the TV when you iron.  Another way of making the task more fun is to use good tools: an iron that performs well, a good quality ironing board and a rack or a hook nearby to hang up your finished items.  So when The Funky Appliance Company got in touch, I liked the idea of trying out this new iron. The Funky Iron is a steam iron has a fun retro style with a gorgeous rounded look and comes in three colours.pale blue, grey and rose gold.

Included with the iron is a matching complimentary heat-resistant silicone pad to rest your iron on your ironing board to prevent burning.  There’s also a water measuring cup to help fill the irons large 450ml water tank.  The tank has a inbuilt water level indicator, so you can see how full it is. It has a 2400 Watt output, and features a built in anti-scale system, self clean button, along with steam trigger, steam control, dry tank alert, and finally a safety Auto-Off function.  I loved the idea of this feature as I’ve forgotten to turn irons off a few times. The new Funky Iron has been designed to make the user experience as smooth, comfortable and efficient as possible weighing just 1.3kg. Another plus point is that it also comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.

Plug the iron in and the power indicator lights up red, but turns green once it has heated to the required temperature. It heated up really quickly. You can easily select temperature and steam by rotating the temperature dial and adjusting the steam control buttons to suit your ironing items . The water tank was easy to fill and there’s a hinged water stopper which fits securely.  I was also able to try out the funky iron shoe which is easy to clip on and remove.  It’s designed to prevent shine and to protect your soleplate, so far it seems to be working well on both counts.

funky iron

I started by trying the iron out on some shirts.  I find shirts a good test of a new iron as they are a bit tricky, so you get to see how agile an iron is.  The other thing is you can see show the iron performs on a higher heat setting.  With continuous steam provided by the integrated pump, this iron is great for removing stubborn creases, particularly on the top three dot heat setting. The iron glides very easily on the higher heat setting when you are using the steam. It’s worth noting that you only get steam when holding in the steam trigger, but the trigger is comfortable to hold in and the steam level is adjustable.

It was still effective on lower heat settings, but I would say performance was better on the higher setting.  I do most of my ironing on the higher setting in any case, so this works well for me. Whichever setting you are using, I didn’t find that it suffered from dripping, which is great as I find that really annoying.

The Funky Iron is a good looking appliance that will make your life a bit easier.  I’ve really enjoyed trying it out.  It seems well made too, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get plenty of use out of it.

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