March 22, 2021 3 min read


Reviewed by Lindsey Wilkins

I was super excited to be reviewing the funky toaster. Our toaster is on its way out so this was great timing! It arrived well packaged, I couldn’t wait to get it open and set up. I unboxed it carefully checking everything was where it should be. It all seemed good. The toaster is very modern, I adore the bubble shape. It is a lot bigger than I first expected, but not too big. We were sent the chrome toaster, which I really love as it’s very shiny and looks classy.

I couldn’t wait to try it. As a family of 4, we eat toast every single day! I’m not sure how we would all function without our beloved toaster. First impressions, this toaster doesn’t just look lovely it has lots of useful features too. You can toast 1-4 slices at once, impressive! There is a browning control, which you can turn 1-2 for light toasting, 3-4 for medium toasting and 5-6 for dark toasting. I like mine medium. I was itching to try out this funky piece of kit. Firstly I placed 2 slices of white bread in the toaster, once I worked out what I was doing and we got going, it was done in no time, and toasted to perfection! It’s so easy to use. When you’ve put your bread in, you simply press the loading lever down until it’s fixed. There are 2 levers to choose from. The toaster then heats up automatically. When the toast is done the loading lever will automatically return back to the top.

You can stop the toaster at any time by just pressing the cancel button, simple!  Now this next part is my favourite, you can reheat your toast, yes you did hear me right, RE-HEAT your toast! Now as a busy mum I don’t always get time to eat my toast and when I do eventually go back to eat it it’s cold. This is a brilliant idea! Its a real game changer in our house.

I then came across the defrost buttons, you can toast frozen bread!! I’ve never seen a toaster like this. You simply place the frozen bread in, press the defrost button, it’s as easy as that. This is also a game changer for us as some mornings we get up to realise have forgotten to get bread out of the freezer; superb!

I then noticed there are 2 trays at the bottom front of the toaster which catch your crumbs as it’s toasting. This is a great way to keep your toaster clean! Again I have never owned or seen a toaster like it.

There are some useful instructions inside the box, one I noticed states the toaster comes with a 2 year guarantee from the original purchase date. This gives you great peace of mind.

To be honest, the price of the toaster is a little more than what I would normally pay but I do believe you do get what you pay for. It’s a fantastic toaster, the best I have ever used. I think it would be the perfect gift for someone maybe moving home or as a Christmas present. I would be really happy to receive this.

I was that pleased with the toaster I looked online to see if there are anymore appliances to match it. Whilst looking I saw it is also available in 2 other colours, cream and rose gold. They both look gorgeous too. I saw there is also a kettle to complete the set. I will be saving to purchase this in the future.

Overall I have to say I love love love this toaster, and I am especially happy with how smart it looks on my kitchen worktop. Go get one before word gets out and they’re all sold!



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