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Reviewed by Louise Totton, 29th April 2019

I like to have nice things in my home, and I especially like to have things that are a little different, unusual or quirky. Quite often though, style can come at the expense of quality or build quality and I never think that is a price worth paying – it is important to me that something looks good but it is absolutely not more important than how well it does the job.

One company that seems to be trying to bridge that gap and marry a beautiful and quirky design with quality and function is The Funky Iron Company, who make, you guessed it, funky irons! A couple of years ago, I found myself in the position where I had to start again and set up a new home from scratch. For this reason, lots of the basic appliances and accessories I bought were functional but inexpensive and a little uninspiring, but I am now in the situation where I am slowly replacing these cheaper products with things that I love and that are more ‘me’.

So it was spot-on timing when an email landed in my inbox asking me if I would try out one of The Funky Iron Company’s retro and very funky irons! I know that irons probably aren’t top of most people’s list when they are looking to accessorise their homes, and mostly irons are simply functional products that hide away in the cupboard under the sink, but if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it and these irons really do have ‘it’.

The irons are available in three colours – turquoise, red and black, all three with the same contrasting cream trim. The style can only be described as retro, sleek, modern and cool. I opted for the black version which has a beautiful glossy black body with a cream handle, dial and cable and shiny silver reservoir cover. Whilst I know I said it should never by style over function, the iron does have style by the bucketful and I knew that if the quality of the product would in any way match that of the design, we would be on to a winner.

When I unboxed the iron, my initial impression, other than how attractive it was, was how good the build quality seemed to be and how substantial the iron felt. It is a good weight and feels very comfortable to hold. The iron has a generous 450ml water reservoir, and the controls for the steam and water spray are located on the handle. As is pretty standard across most irons, there are three heat settings with the dial sitting underneath the handle. The water is poured into the reservoir, using the included pouring cup, into the front of the iron.

After setting up my ironing board and filling the iron with water, I plugged the machine into the mains and waited for the iron to heat up. Well, I say wait – it took a matter of seconds, no doubt because of the 2600w rating. I was then ready to start on my ironing pile. As it was towards the end of the school holidays, I had an ironing basket full of uniforms, PE kits and clothes from our couple of days away, as well as a new, reasonably heavy pair of curtains with the creases from being folded in the packaging to really challenge the iron!

It copes with the basic stuff such as t-shirts, leggings and school polo shirts with absolute ease. The iron features both a water spray and steam, both of which are accessed from the cream handle, although I didn’t need to use these at all for the lighter items. The thicker fabric of the school trousers were also absolutely no problem, although I did use the steam function to make sure the creases in the trousers were razor sharp. It is not a continuous steam function, but I found the button well enough placed that it was not a problem use the steam continually.

The main challenge was going to be the curtains as they were pretty thick and really quite heavily creased. When I was laying the curtains out on the iron, I noticed a brilliant feature of this iron – the super long (3m) power cable, hugely longer than that of my existing iron. The difference that this makes in a confined space is pretty remarkable – the curtains are quite large ones so I find it easier to move around the ironing board to make sure I have got all of the creases out. This is so much easier with the long flex, and I don’t know why more manufacturers don’t use them!

Whilst I will admit that the curtains were a challenge, the Funky Iron (with the help of the steam function) did manage to remove all of the creases and it really is a joy to use. The iron glides across the clothing beautifully and the machine really does feel like a first-class piece. I absolutely think that the Funky Iron Company have a winner here – a very rare thing that is both quirky and beautiful as well as being top quality and functional.

£69.99 is probably more than I would normally I would normally spend on something like an iron but as I said, I have been trying to update the house a little bit with things that I love rather than things that are simply functional. There is no doubt that the quality is exceptional, as is the style and design, so whilst it isn’t cheap, it is absolutely worth the price tag and I am over the moon with mine. It is a lovely thing to treat yourself to, or if you’re feeling especially brave might even make a nice gift for someone who also loves things that are just a little bit different!


RRP: £69.99

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